24th annual Pueblo County Fall Bird Count, 9-21-19

16 participants in up to 8 parties attended the 24th annual Pueblo County Fall Bird Count, 9-21-19. 140 species were tallied well below the often well above 150 recorded on this Count. The results match other recent area counts that fell short of usual numbers. Nearly all group leaders lamented so few birds. Recent news media reports that bird numbers have sharply dropped in the USA & Canada the past few decades.

The Greenhorn Valley team had the top list of 75 species. It was a bit slow in the Valley, but we did find a Pectoral Sandpiper at Huerfano Lake, or rather it found us, as it flew in and landed about 10 yards from our delighted group for a 1+ minute visit. This shorebird is not common in the County. Brandon Percival had an amazing 8 Sabine's Gulls at Pueblo Reservoir, a Count high for this small but attractive gull. Margie Joy clicked an outstanding photo of a Peregrine Falcon at Liberty Point near the Reservoir. And north of Pueblo, Barbara Lockard found the only White-winged Doves & Brown Thrasher reported  on the Count. Congrats to David Chartier's Chico Basin team who took the time & care to identify 4 types of nearly look alike empidonax flycatchers.

These migration counts are sponsored by the Arkansas Valley Audubon Society, and organized & compiled with the help of Brandon Percival. All birds tallied are entered in the International Migratory Bird Day data base <www.birdday.org> To receive a complete list of birds reported on this year's Count, please respond to this message.

Dave Silverman, compilerPueblo County Migration Counts