Arkansas Valley Audubon Society (AVAS) is reaching out to members in an effort to stay connected during these difficult times.Although group gatherings are discouraged, you can still get outside every day to do some birding in your own backyard. You'd be surprised what fun backyard birding can be. 
Here are some resources to help you (and your kids) to stay engaged with birds while at home.https://www.audubon.org/joy-of-birds  


Raptor ID Chart:https://www.hmana.org/product-tag/id-chart/  

Educational Resources for Kids:
  • Printable Nature Bingo and Scavenger Hunt activities
  • Audubon Adventures
  • This is BRAND NEW (launched last week): Audubon for Kids!
  • Sagebrush steppe habitat flashcards (click here to download): You’ll find plants, the animals that eat the plants, the animals that eat those animals, and then the clean-up crews that recycle the living matter to make it available to start the cycle again.
  • Rockie's Sagebrush Adventures! This online illustrated book follows a Burrowing Owl and her friends as they discover what life in the sagebrush is all about.
  • Sagebrush Ecosystem Poster and Lesson Plan (click here to download):Through this free lesson plan and poster, students will discover the plants and animals of the sagebrush ecosystem. Students can take it further by researching a habitat and creating a poster depicting the plants and animals that live there. Students will then draw parallels between the habitats, what animals need to survive, and their place the food web.

Wash your hands, cover your cough/sneeze, stay away from crowds, get outside every day, keep your mind and body active.Be well.Peg Rooney, President AVAS